Simple Document Versioning

Multiple versions
One document in Tuiqo
Multiple users

Document Version Control is Broken

Creation of many versions
of the same document

  • Hard to track changes
  • Easy to lose work
  • Frustrating process
Documents stacked in various dubiously named versions

Collaboration on multiple
document versions

  • Hard to track comments and versions
  • Difficult to know who did what and when
  • Common to work on an outdated version
Various edits and comments displayed in a confusing way

Good News: We fixed it.
Tuiqo reinvents the document structure for more
intuitive writing, editing and collaboration.

  • Split block

    Divide your text into meaningful blocks and take control over your document structure. Blocks are reusable across your document versions.

  • Create block version

    Create new versions of blocks directly in your document. No need to "Save As New Document" just because you changed a few lines.

  • Hide blocks

    Hide or show blocks and test different alternatives. Decide what to show at any given moment. Keep all of your ideas inside of your document.

Create small changes and
see them in context

Use 'Phrase revisions' to create and test different
alternatives of small pieces of your text.

No more copy and paste just to check what works.

Multiple versions in a single document

  • Create version from selected blocks

    Easily link different changes into meaningful versions. You can have multiple versions of your text in a single document! Add description to each version so you know why it's created.

  • Select version for individual blocks

    Decide in which version you want to include a particular block.

  • Switch between versions

    Quickly switch between organized versions of your text without ever leaving the editor.

Other cool features

  • Auto-generating
    Table of Contents

    Quickly navigate through your document.

  • Preview

    Preview the current state of your document in a regular A4 format.

  • Export

    Supported formats:
    PDF and Markdown.
    (More formats coming soon)

  • Collaboration

    Coming soon


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